Welcome to the website about the ‘Comprehensive General Parenting Questionnaire’ (CGPQ).

The CGPQ is developed by Dr. Ester F.C. Sleddens and research collaborators at Maastricht University, the Netherlands (Professor dr. Stef P.J. Kremers and Dr. Carel Thijs), the Children’s Nutrition Research Center, Houston (Texas), USA (Dr. Teresia M. O’Connor and Dr. Sheryl O. Hughes), and Washington State University, Pullman, USA (Professor dr. Thomas G. Power).  

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BackgroundThis page reports on the development of the CGPQ using the five-factor parenting model.
Instrument descriptionThis page contains links to pages offering details about the specific forms of the CGPQ (i.e.,  questionnaire length, target group, language) and scoring information.
PublicationsThis page contains the correct citations to the (different forms of the) CGPQ.
FAQThis page contains general information about the CGPQ.
About meThis page contains information about the developer of the CGPQ, Dr. Ester Sleddens.
ContactPlease complete the contact form if you have questions that are not addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions and to let us know if you decide to use the CGPQ.